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Today, almost everyone has a laptop computer. The main purpose of getting this computer is its portable nature.

Therefore, if you travel or move around a lot and you want to keep your laptop with you but you don’t want to carry a large bag, then a laptop tote bag is perfect.

While a backpack or handbag works just fine, it helps to have a dedicated bag for carrying your laptop and its accessories for convenience.

Just like any personal item, a laptop tote is not just a bag, it is a statement and part of your style. In short, laptop bags are part of your identity and you need to get a perfect one.

We’ve spent hours scouring the internet looking for the best laptop totes, and after some thorough investigation, we’ve narrowed down to some great and reliable options.

How We Picked

  • Size/Capacity

    The size of your laptop will determine the size of your tote bag; otherwise, the laptop might not fit snugly. It’s also important to ensure that you leave enough room for other accessories.

  • Padding/Support/Security

    Your laptop and its accessories need to be safe in your tote bag. Therefore, you need a bag with sufficient padding to absorb shock in the case of collisions. Also, the bag should be secure to prevent theft or unauthorized access.

  • Durable Fabric/Material

    The material of each bag directly affects its durability. These bags should be made of highly durable and breathable materials while still protecting your computer.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    There are numerous tote bags that can fit within any budget. As such, we ensure that all the tote bags we reviewed offer functionality and effectiveness at a decent price tag.

Our Top Picks

Despite its price, this is a high-quality bag that speaks for itself and guarantees longevity. We love its versatility and obvious durability as a result of its material.

We love its design, its price, and more specifically, its functionality. This is perfect for when you need a bag that is also a statement piece.

This bag can fit an entire 17-inch laptop, yet it appears much smaller in size. It can be used as a laptop tote bag and also as a day-to-day bag.

Who This Is For

An individual who owns a laptop needs a tote bag for their computer, more so when there is a need to carry many things at a go. Generally, many tote bags are designed with women in mind and briefcases for men. However, some companies do make unisex laptop tote bags.

What style of bag is best to store and carry a laptop?
A tote bag that is suitable for carrying a laptop must be padded in the interior so as to absorb shock. A plus feature is if the shoulder straps are padded as well.

It has to be wide enough to accommodate a laptop whose average width is 12 inches to 18 inches.

A laptop bag that has base caps is also ideal as it protects the bottom of the bag from touching surfaces that may be wet or dirty.

What fabric type is best to carry a laptop?
Most laptop tote bags are made of faux leather or leather, as these are waterproof materials. However, others are made of canvas, which is great because it is light.

However, it may get dirty faster and isn’t water resistant. We recommend a fabric that is easy to clean and water resistant.

Why You Should Trust Us

We understand the value of a laptop and the importance of keeping it safe and in pristine condition. This is why we took the time to look at different kinds and types of laptop tote bags on various websites, noted the highest rated, and then went a step further and looked at their prices.

We did extensive research on these bags before recommending them because we know how important they are. 


How We Picked

We used certain guides to help us settle on the laptop tote bags that we have recommended in this article. The size of the bag was a leading factor, given that most laptops are between 12 inches and 18 inches. If a bag is small, then the laptop will not even fit in it, to begin with.

The general size of the bag is one thing, but the capacity of space for a laptop is another issue by itself. The internal space needs to be large enough and well secured in order for the bag to serve as a laptop carrier.

We also looked at the padding provided in the bag itself, as this feature protects the laptop from shock, so if the bag falls, your computer is protected. The support of your laptop while inside the bag helps to avert accidents as well, as do large, thick, and strong straps. If the straps were padded, then this was a plus.

The material that the bag is made of doesn’t just improve aesthetics. It determines the durability and functionality of your tote bag. The design and style of your bag need to accommodate mobility, as that is the main reason you would want a laptop tote bag.

To cap it off, we were keen to provide a range of prices to suit different budgetary concerns. We looked at bags that offer functionality on a budget and still elevate your look so that your bag complements your style.

Our Picks For You

Best PickClark & Mayfield Laptop Tote

Why It’s Great:

This is perfect for a person who is keen on their sense of style and is partial towards real leather, especially where budget is not a point of concern, as this bag is definitely more costly than other laptop tote bags that serve the same purpose.

The bag has broad straps that are made to give support and accommodate the weight of the things stored in the bag. It is, however, not heavy by itself. It is also well padded and supports a 17.3” laptop of any brand.

Potential Flaws:

That this is real leather may be problematic for people who would rather not use any animal products. Its retail price is also rather high when compared to other bags that serve the same purpose.

However, the price makes sense as a one-time sale given the longevity of this product.

Other Features:

We celebrate the fact that this is a laptop tote bag made and marketed by a small business! Although its price is higher than expected, it is justified as a result of the quality of the material, which is top-grain leather.

It has various compartments for the storage of personal effects and more pockets for stationery.

The bottom of the bag is protected as it is raised. It also has a pocket on its back that allows it to slide over rolling luggage handles. It is therefore perfect for travel as well.

Runner UpMosiso Peony Laptop Tote

Why It’s Great:

This is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and everyday errands. Whether you are heading to the office, traveling, for outdoor activity, or to class, this beautiful bag is a perfect choice. Not only does it serve its purpose.

It can accommodate laptops of up to 15.9” in its inner laptop compartment and has small rivets at the bottom to protect your bag from damage.

It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap that is padded, allowing you to carry the bag crossbody or as a shoulder bag.

Potential Flaws:

The material is not very durable particularly if the user uses it on a daily basis. It also is hard to incorporate the floral print into everyday errands and as such might better serve as a statement bag.

Other Features:

This bag is made of peony PU leather, and this makes it both fashion-forward and durable. It also has three main compartments, with the middle one being padded and specifically for the laptop.

The other two compartments have various pockets to accommodate your personal items. The retailing price is rather pocket friendly, given the many properties that this bag boasts.

Most Cost-EffectiveDOMISO Laptop Handbag

Why It’s Great:

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly laptop tote bag? If the answer is yes, then look no further. This beautiful bag is affordable, durable, and dependable as your official bag.

Whether you are going to the office or the farmers’ market, you can take your bag with you.

The bag has different compartments, with the laptop one being able to accommodate a 17-inch laptop. The inside of the bag is padded to further protect the bag, with the other compartments offering space for storage of other items such as notebooks or files.

Potential Flaws:

This bag, as with many other totes, is marketed for women, and as such, it can lock out buyers who might still want it regardless of their sex. That said, its pocket-friendly price will still attract buyers.

Other Features:

This bag is made of PU leather, and as a result, it is light, making it portable. Its material also allows for ease of cleaning and further protection from spillage as it is waterproof. It has a large zipper that protects all the contents inside it.

Almost Made The CutMonstina Laptop Tote Bag

Why It’s Great:

This is perfect for a minimalist who still wants a beautiful bag at a comfortable price range. It even comes with a slot for a USB, which is very convenient for when you are on the move regularly.

This bag can hold laptops of up to 15.7-inch as it keeps the machine in place using the velcro that is in the laptop compartment. It has 13 pockets inside and is properly padded. The entire bag is waterproof, and the material is wrinkle-proof.

Potential Flaws:

The material of this bag is bound to get dirty in no time, and that is our main concern because this will necessitate a lot of cleaning, which will eventually cause wear and tear on the bag.

Care and Maintenance

While making your purchase, take note of the size and weight of your laptop so that you do not exceed the maximum weight ascribed to the tote bag.

If you do, you not only risk the safety of your laptop but also endanger your health by placing too much bulk on one side of your body.

Check your bag regularly for any broken straps or torn sides inside the bag. The broken straps place your computer at risk of falling, and so do the torn sides.

Furthermore, when the padding is damaged, the bag becomes unsafe for laptop transport.

To avoid undue damage to the tote bag lining and to the laptop, do not put any sharp objects in the bag with the laptop, as they will scratch both surfaces and, in some instances, might cut through the bag, creating a hole through which the laptop can fall through.

Make sure the laptop is well-secured within the bag by using the straps in the compartment to secure it and by further ensuring that the bag is well closed.

If the laptop isn’t well secured, it becomes an easy target for thieves or damage accidents.


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