We’ve been waiting for iOS 16, given Apple’s recent Event at which the iPhone 14 and other upgraded hardware products were launched to the public.

This morning, we did a Settings > General > Software Update, just in case…

…but nothing showed up.

But some time shortly before 8pm tonight UK time [2022-09-12T18:31Z], a raft of update notifications dropped into our inbox, announcing a curious mix of new and updated Apple products.

Even before we read through the bulletins, we tried Settings > General > Software Update again, and this time we were offered an upgrade to iOS 15.7, with an alternative upgrade that would take us straight to iOS 16:

An update and an upgrade available at the same time!

(We went for the upgrade to iOS 16 – the download was just under 3GB, but once downloaded the process went faster than we expected, and everything thus far seems to be working just fine.)